Stop Using Paypal

Posted 2022/10/08 by Tom Fasano

PayPal has done major damage control and reported their comprehensive outline for a communist social credit system as an “error”. There’s no doubt people within the company still want such a system, which is why I stand by my position of a total boycott.

This is a friendly reminder to stop using Paypal’s (and presumably Venmo’s) services, as on November the 3rd they publicly threatened to debit $2500 out of your account for any arbitrary violation they find you guilty of, including “spreading misinformation”, calling out “protected groups”, or essentially committing wrong think.

Please read the legalese for yourself, or don’t. Either way, start using monero for online transactions if you aren’t already. At the bare minimum, find a bank/credit union who supports zelle and refuse payments made out to Paypal, Venmo, CashApp etc. for the everyone’s sake.

I don’t believe in fear mongering and that’s not the point of this post. If anything this presents a beautiful chance to help the people in our life take a step forward, so we can more independently exchange value over digital mediums.

Remember, prioritize using cash for local transactions, whenever possible.

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