Here’s some online resources I’d like to share.


Holy Scripture with fatherly commentary.

The Church Father's Writings

Christian Think Tank Refutation of Arguments Against Christianity

Mirrors For Princes (Leadership Instruction For Young Men)

Small is Beautiful by E. F. Schumacher


Gemini is Solutionism at its Worst - Why You Shouldn't Use The Gemini Protocol

Reticulum A mesh network which bridges LoRa and packet radio networks with the Internet.

Pure DNS Family Consecrate your Internet connection.

Rock Pro Cheap single board computer.

HTMX High power tools for HTML

BlackLight by TheMarkup Is that website spying on you?

Hypercore Protocol Peer-to-peer data sharing in 2022

Keet Peer-to-peer video chat.

Caddy Web Server Tutorials for easily setting up websites and services.

OpenWRT Open source router OS

Frame Work Self repairable, modular laptops

Modos Tech E-ink Displays

Wireguard The best VPN by far.

Chafa The power of ANSI X3.64 compels you!

Internet People

Kennedy Hall Catholic author, journalist, and broadcaster.

Jesse Romero Retired Cop, Kick boxer, Catholic evangelist

Roosh Valizadeh Ex pickup artist turned Orthodox

MadeByJimBob Satire. Streams. Memes. Philosophy and humor.

Luke Smith Bald nerd who hates roads.

Rob Colbert Ex CTO of Gab, alt tech builder.

Mark McNally Tech content and cool projects.

Eric Murphy Linux and web development content.

Jeff Geerling Tech related DIY projects.

Smaller Search Engines Smaller artisanal hobbyist websites.

Marginalia Another small search engine.

Local Business

Ty Llywd Farm

Erba Verde Farm

Carlin Farm

Carlton Farms

88x31 Buttons

Society of Saint Pius X Bible with Church Father commentary Temple OS heaventree webring not related podcast get raw milk Canoe Mail wiby stephen's homepage mutt wizard Sandbox St. gimp Martin Jacob Smith non gmo gnu miachelc Libre Boot Michael Dimopoulos Invisible Internet Project larbs Brady comfy stream pretty much radio land chad XMPP Denshi Jacob McCormick Aksel based cooking Neovim Jaadee lindypress Shing Streaming BAN PORN Firearms Policy Coalition Suckless Software Inna Woods USS Liberty War Crimes

Distinguished Gentleman


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