Why Is Confession Important?

Posted 2022/11/06 by Tom Fasano

To answer this question, we must understand the greater purpose of life. It’s to adore God, who is life Himself. If we have offended God, we must make an act of contrition in full faith and adoration by confessing our sins. If one goes through the motions of the confessional without faith, they have completely missed the point of pleasing God.

A true confession is sorrowful. It’s made from within our heart, in front of a priest, and to Christ our LORD. There is no other way for our sins to be truly forgiven without this Sacrament of Penance, because it demands our willingness to turn away from sin be pure.

Examining our conscience needs to be done with the guidance of the Church. It’s unhealthy to introspect in the absence of God’s grace because it becomes an act of self indulgence. This is how most cases of depression begin. Instead, introspection should be done with a spiritual father who will give you practical advice how to start a new path which is only possible through the forgiveness of the most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Lastly, confession allows us to be at peace with our past life, so we’re not perpetually in agony about the grave acts we’ve committed. After penance, we turn towards God. He invites us to look outwards, beyond ourselves and the world, to provide for the people in our lives, to live our faith, and to do good works through the gifts He has given.

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