Toxic Femininity

Posted 2022/05/10 by Tom Fasano

Feminism is without a doubt one of the key ideologies in perverting the Christian worldview. The rhetoric “patriarchy”, is a denial of spiritual fatherhood. I’d wager most feminists would admit they’d give up their man-like life in return for a loving father.

“Toxic masculinity” is yet another buzz term thrown around by lefties who’re spouting a half truth. The modern “man” is either a simp or has gone his own way. He permits women to act out of control and rightfully deserves lower quality.

Men have tricked women into believing they can be interchangeable widgets with their male colleagues. For the vast majority of women, they don’t realize their career choices are not in line with their motherly instincts until it’s too late.

Women have become more toxic over time and it’s the fault of weak men. Birth control, abortion and scandalous dressing are all products of men letting women do what they want so they can use them as pleasure objects. So why is this post titled “Toxic Femininity”? A plausible explanation for the dark and soulless society we live in begins when women started taking “the pill”.

The Pill

The pill tricks women’s bodies into thinking they’re having a miscarriage. It completely disrupts their natural 28 day cycle. Times that by 12, and you could see why modern women are so miserable, unstable and plainly toxic. The physical effects of the pill send their hormones out of whack, which is then “treated” with anti-depressants. No matter what, there will always be consequences to intimacy outside of marriage.

The pill has a peculiar effect in regards to the type of man a women seeks. It essentially halts the “nest building” stage of their cycle where she wants to do the motherly roles and the man to be well, manly. So with that in mind, women on the pill are perpetually stuck in the part of the cycle where she wants the man to be more sensitive and emotional. This perfectly explains why these women select low morality men who are childish and seek “casual sex”.

They’re primed to pick emotional men who cannot provide jack squat to them. That is where the “Men Suck!” montra comes from. No they don’t. A women needs to find God before she can understand how a true man is supposed to be.

An even earlier event where men permitted degeneracy is allowing women suffrage, which most women at the time couldn’t care less about as they had plenty of political power in their school and church community. And before that? Look at the garden of Eden story. It’s a fundamental lesson on why men should not follow women, nor permit their leadership outside of leading the home and the children. Practically speaking this may not be feasible in current year, but we can’t keep denying reality.

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