The Hurdle of Discovery

Posted 2022/05/26 by Tom Fasano

Search engines are dead, yet there are still real people with personal webpages with lot’s of useful information to provide. The question raised is “how do we index these sites?”, and the answer is we don’t, sort of.

When I found interverse I instantly saw what value it brings to the table. Now instead of a “links page”, we can have rich links with previews which are tagged by the knowledge they provide, so the viewer can more easily find human curated answers to their question. I soft forked this concept into discover and the results have been fruitful.

I believe you’re doing a disservice to the “make your own website” movement by participating in it while also forgetting to do the following:

If your site has no network backbone, it will almost always come off as lame and inconsequential. People want to get behind things with momentum. A lonesome website may fall flat when persuading friends to get off social media.

The hurdle of discovery which smaller site’s face is largely an illusion. There’s already a good amount of smaller personal websites out there - it’s just a matter of networking. Hopefully this project can help further discovery efforts.

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