Communities Only Exist Offline.

Posted 2022/05/12 by Tom Fasano

The maxim “your network is your net worth” could not be stressed enough in the age of the Internet. Although this technology’s main goal is to remotely monitor, propagandize, and gas light the masses, there is an unintended consequence of its existence: the ability to politically mobilize local communities.

To my knowledge, organizing in-person meetups with like minded individuals is the greatest gift the Internet has brought us: many take it for granted. If it’s not in-person it’s not a community. Without a communal network, you have very little influence.

Communities don’t have to be autistically militant or political. Often times it’s liberating to find like minded people in your area who will have your back in hard times. Whether it’s BBQing with a group of buddies, or playing cards: in-person meetups are what will spearhead real political change at the local level.

Find people with similar values, who’re actively seeking the narrow path. Many times you will find these people at good churches. You’re wasting your time with the Internet truthers caught up in theoretics, even if you agree with them.

We can ignore the “system” by horizontally integrating. The more people cooperate the less leverage the system has on you. If you know 10 guys who have your back within 10 miles, you’re winning.

These distributed networks will be a stepping stone towards political liberation. This means not waiting around for politicians to inevitably do nothing or make things worse. Political liberation is becoming independent of government-corporate collusion, the education system, real estate markets, centralized banks, the pharmaceutical industry and anything else that’s thrown our way in the next years to come.

Such networks will also not be at the mercy of big tech. Twitter is effectively a tool used by leftists to organize real life events while the “right wing” uses it to shout into the void. The key takeaway is to remember that if you’re not using the gift of independent tech to build interpersonal networks, you’re missing the point.

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